Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wonderful Things....

Quite often I am taking pictures of random objects while doing my shoots, and also when I am at home bored with nothing to do. I decided to dedicate a blog to the random shots I have. Enjoy!
~Tiffany Lyn

Project Greenhouse....

A while ago I did a shoot at a greenhouse. It was in the winter so there was no one there, but ironically enough there was freshly planted pots. The greenhouse made me think of something out of a scary movie the way it was all rusted. I brought along my little brother Craig and my good friend Emma for the shoot. And they have yet to see it, but finally they will now! haha.
~Tiffany Lyn


A while ago I got the privilege to shoot Epica; when they played their show in Blender Theater in the city. The pictures were going to be in the local Long Island magazine Good Times. Epica is an awesome band that mixes an beautiful opera sounding singer with metal. Their music gave me the chills and I had a lot of fun that night. Here are the pictures. :-)
~Tiffany Lyn

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I love New York....

One thing my mom is always telling me is that I never take enough pictures of different places. I always have people in all of my pictures. I mean I'd rather take pictures of people because there is only so much you can do with a building or landscape. But I decided to make a post dedicated to all the places I love to be. So pretty much mom this one is for you! :-) Enjoy!
~Tiffany Lyn

Name that band....

This is a set of all my live work. I do a lot of live shoots thanks to my friend Wayne Herrschaft getting me into all the shows at the Donkey and being able to shoot some of my favorite bands has been an amazing opportunity and also for the show at the Blender Theater in the City.
~Tiffany Lyn