Thursday, May 31, 2012

Training Wheels

A few months ago I started volunteering for a local group that rescues dogs and cats called Almost Home. I have since been involved in as many events as possible. There was also this program called "Training Wheels" that they are involved in. Training Wheels® is a nationally recognized program that brings the animal shelter into the community. Working with in low-income areas we offer assistance to pet owners in a compassionate, non judgmental way. Volunteers drive into the community the first and third Saturday of every month to provide food, proper shelter as most of these dogs live outdoors, straw bedding, proper tie outs, leashes, toys, bowls, as well as pet care education, medical care and most importantly free spay/neuter with transportation. A part time veterinary technician provides medical assistant 5 days week. Our program services approximately 130 families a month. Many of the animals taken into our re homing program are dogs from this community. The majority of these dogs are Pitbulls with 95% living outdoors in poor conditions. We encourage our clients to make these animals a part of their family by bringing them indoors. If that is not achieved, then we teach basic pet care, proper interaction and time “off” their chains. By working closely with the community we are able help them keep their pets and not reach the point where relinquishment becomes necessary. So I went to Training Wheels last saturday and took some pictures of everything. Here they are enjoy. 
~Tiffany Lyn

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