Monday, September 24, 2012

Smith's Point

Today I took a much needed trip to Smith's Point with my good friend Christian. Lucky for me he has a jeep so we went down all the cool off road spots. It was a lot of fun and I am really glad I brought my camera. Maybe next time I'll bring a towel to clean the dirt off the car. Here's a shot I did at one of the spots. I'll post the rest later on.
~Tiffany Lyn

Saturday, September 22, 2012

After the Burial....

As I was going through my folders looking for pictures for my portfolio, I stumbled across these pictures I never posted. One of the last shows I shot at the Crazy Donkey was the Norma Jean tour. After the Burial was on of the bands on this show. Here are a few shots from their set.

~Tiffany Lyn

Friday, September 21, 2012

Long Exposure

About a week ago I was working on a project for my digital materials and processes class about white balance. Just for the fun of it I decided to do a long exposure in Sayville on Main Street. I really liked the way it came out. I did some minor editing to make the light lines the focus of the picture but I love it regardless. I think I'm going to do another long exposure shoot sometime soon. But here is the final product of the other one. 
~Tiffany Lyn 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

My Idol

When I think of photography one name always comes to mind, David LaChapelle. (Not to be confused with Dave Chapelle, the comedian) He has been my most favorite photographer for years now and an inspiration to a lot of my work. Sometimes when I need some inspiration I'll just open one of his books and take a look of these crazy photographs he has created. On Tuesday one of my professors was telling me that David LaChapelle was going to be at the annual PDN PhotoPlus International Expo in the city. I could not have been more excited. I went on and signed up for the seminar he is doing and October 26th could not come fast enough! 
I won't post any of his pictures on my blog because I personally don't like when other people use my images without asking. But here is the link to his website, just check him out. David Lachapelle
~Tiffany Lyn 

Friday, September 14, 2012

Thinking About The Future

I have decided after I finish my Associates at Suffolk Community College I want to go back to an art school for my Bachelors Fine Arts in Photography. I was looking at schools that offer this. The one that stuck out to me the most was Cooper Union. IF you get accepted you do not have to pay for tuition. With that being said it is one the hardest private schools to get into, but I am up for the challenge. All of my professors agreed I need to start working on my portfolio now. So I met with the head of the photography department at Suffolk to discuss my current work. I know for someone that has never taken an actual class in photography I do have a strong portfolio. He told me he liked what he saw but wanted to see more work. So he told me to take about 2 weeks to put together a folder with 200 of my best images. I have well over 50,000 images currently on my computer and more on my external harddrive. He also told me to be really critical on my work so now to go from 50,000 to 200 I see why he's giving me 2 weeks. I have decided to post a few of the images I am using. Some of these pictures I have never posted on here. Honestly I am not sure why.
Give me some feedback if you want. 
~Tiffany Lyn 

Monday, September 10, 2012

Back to School.

I recently just started going to Suffolk Community College to major in what else but photography. Finally I am doing what I am truly passionate in. For one of my classes I need to blog a few times a week so I figured instead of getting rid of this blog, I would just use this for that. Here you will see me grow more as an artist to become a true professional photographer. 
At the end of 2010 I decided I wanted to enter the Digital Photo Emerging Professionals contest. I had decided on a concept of a girl left in a snow storm. I was going for a really innocent look. I had so much fun turning my friend Wayne Herrschaft's studio into a winter wonderland. I also had the luck of having my friend Tracey model for me. Wayne had set up his 40D on a tripod to make a time lapse video as we set up everything and did the shoot. 
Here is the Video. Check it out because honestly the amount of work that goes into a photo-shoot is something everyone needs to see. I feel then you can truly appreciate the work for more than a photographer just pointing their camera at objects and taking pictures. 
Thank you again to EVERYONE involved in this shoot. Including: Wayne Herrschaft for letting me use his very expensive studio as my own place to experiment with my photography. Also for making this amazing video, so I will always remember this shoot. Tracey for being gorgeous and letting me do the most craziest things to her during photo-shoots over the last few years. And last but not least Mandy and Audrey for doing Tracey's makeup and hair! 
Well that's all for now but, I will leave you with a few shots from that shoot as well. 
~Tiffany Lyn