Sunday, September 16, 2012

My Idol

When I think of photography one name always comes to mind, David LaChapelle. (Not to be confused with Dave Chapelle, the comedian) He has been my most favorite photographer for years now and an inspiration to a lot of my work. Sometimes when I need some inspiration I'll just open one of his books and take a look of these crazy photographs he has created. On Tuesday one of my professors was telling me that David LaChapelle was going to be at the annual PDN PhotoPlus International Expo in the city. I could not have been more excited. I went on and signed up for the seminar he is doing and October 26th could not come fast enough! 
I won't post any of his pictures on my blog because I personally don't like when other people use my images without asking. But here is the link to his website, just check him out. David Lachapelle
~Tiffany Lyn 

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