Monday, October 8, 2012

Studio Visit

Jim Lennon is a creative advertising photographer. He has been working with many companies for over 30 years now. Some of his clients include: Nikon, Motorola, Pantone Color, Data Color, Peconic Bay Medical Center and many more. His work has been recognized with many awards from Kodak, the association of graphic art, and the Long Island Advertising Club and Graphic Design magazine. Jim is the vice president of the board of directors for Long Island Cares. 
About a week ago in my photography seminar class, we took a trip to Jim Lennon's studio. Being a photographer he touched upon a lot of things I struggle with. One of the biggest things being do not work for free. A lot of people think that photographers should not get paid and personally it's really aggravating. The studio was amazing he has this huge space with everything imaginable. I personally want to go back and really explore it. I love working in studios it's so much fun. He does everything from food photography to models. He has a lot of amazing work with a lot of huge named brands and companies. It was also nice to hear he works with a lot of charities and gives back. I like hearing photographers that are not just in it for the money but also give back to charities. I personally work with a no kill animal shelter and do work for them on the side. 
Jim Lennon Check him out his work is amazing and you will probably recognize some of the shots.
~Tiffany Lyn 

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