Monday, December 17, 2012

David LaChapelle

A while ago I posted about my idol David LaChapelle. Well because of some unfortunate circumstances I was sadly unable to go to his seminar at photo expo this year. I did find out recently that he opened up a gallery in the city. Of course I went! I have to say compared to his usual work this was a lot different. His work is always very artistic, but this was a whole new level of work I have never seen from him. He still has that pop flare. These pieces were from his "Still Life" series. These pictures were so life like it was creepy. They had a presence unlike any other that I have ever felt on a picture. In the main building he had the celebrities. The pictures were taken after vandals broke into the National Wax Museum in Dublin in 2007. I really think it was interesting how he put the picecs back together and all the hidden meanings in all the pictures. There were some of the wax figures still intact that the vandals did not get to or purposely did not break. The second room was by far better than the first. A block away was a wide open room filled with all spiritual characters Jesus being one of them. In this room the last supper was brought to life through these photographs. LaChapelle has always had some religious symbolism in his work. It was what intially attracted me to his work. Also hidden in back of all of the wax pieces was a beautiful piece. It pretty much depicted where art has gone over the years and what it has now become. David LaChapelle will always be my favorite photographer and I look forward to seeing more work of his in the future.

~Tiffany Lyn

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